Franziska Winter

Senior Consultant, Coach
ComTeam Organisationsentwicklung GmbH, Austria

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About me

In the ten years I spent working as an Executive Manager and Creative Director for an advertising agency, I had the opportunity to gain management experience and experience in coaching and training.

I enthusiastically advised customers in the process of identity development and identity change. With a specialism in cross-cultural communication, conflict communication and communication for managers, I support people with training, coaching and consultancy for their national and international collaborative work. Through my work, I help companies to confront the challenges of cross-cultural and international communication constructively and to create a cross-cultural basis for international corporate, employee and manager development.

By showing empathy and sensitivity to individuals, the individual group and respecting their dynamics, I engage with different personality types, communication styles and learning styles. Since not all people, corporate cultures and nationalities are alike, they each require individual solutions to thrive in the long term.

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