Bettina Schäfer

Trainer, Coach
Cooperation Partner

ComTeam 9p GmbH, Germany

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About me

Dipl. oec. troph

I have been working in the field of training, consultancy and coaching since 1994. Before that, I was a self-employed businesswoman and project manager for a training academy with managerial responsibility. I developed my skill set in the areas of process management, mediation, facilitation tools, structural constellations, systemic process monitoring and change through various training courses. In 2012, I founded the company "Lichtpunkte setzen".

For nearly 20 years, I have been supporting companies and managers in their processes, leading team workshops across all hierarchy levels and coaching directors, managerial staff and employees. Examples of practical experience include team development measures and management training programmes for operators, foremen, journeymen and industrial workers in the manufacturing industry and leadership training modules for employees, including trainees, in the insurance and banking sector.

Other companies I have worked for to date include companies from the retail sector and IT industry and range from service providers and family businesses to city councils and social enterprises.

Listening, experience and respect form the cornerstones of my work. For me, "Lichtpunkte setzen" (shine a light) means: Raising awareness of our own human processes, as well as team and company processes, creates the basis for progress.

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