Bettina Riedel

Managing Consultant, Business Coach
ComTeam AG, Germany

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About me

Born in Berlin in 1956, consultant, trainer and coach at ComTeam AG Academy & Consulting since 1987.

From 1981 to 1987, I worked as a consultant and management trainer in an organisational development department of an American computer manufacturer and in HR at a management consultancy company.

I completed several courses in humanistic therapy and systemic consulting and constellation work.

Since 1987, in our ComTeam Academy I have led seminars, training programmes in the field of coaching and core competencies for consultants and self-development seminars for employees and experienced managers. Within the company, I plan and lead seminars for experienced managers on topics such as pit stop management, team development and personal skills.

I coach managers and advise and supervise work and project teams. When supporting individuals and teams, I believe it is important to link methodological, organisational and structural questions to the issues of power and (personal) responsibility, belonging and autonomy. I live on a farm to the south of Munich.

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