Beat Zeller

Partner ComTeam Academy + Consulting GmbH, Switzerland

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About me

am a consultant and partner for managing change and leadership initiatives since 2008; as of 2015 with ComTeamGroup.

As a consultant and partner, I accompany businesses and their managers in initiatives that, above all, optimize and improve managements' effectiveness in leadership. The reason for implementing such initiatives may be strategy adjustments, reorganizations, cultural change or the integration of acquisitions that have not yet yielded the aspired results.

My clients are typically the executive teams of companies that operate internationally.

My field of activity is supplemented by work as a coach and sparring partner to experienced managers, including the point in time when they are taking on a new role. I also serve as a facilitator in training workshops. My working languages are English and German.

The foundation of my expertise was laid during my studies of business administration at the University of St. Gallen (MBA-HSG). At the Management Center Vorarlberg, I completed advanced studies to become a systemic organizational development consultant. Leadership experience in a broad range of industries and company sizes, both national and international, has given me the confidence to work successfully in a wide variety of areas and to deliver added value.

After a few years in Australia, I am now back living in Zurich, my home town. I balance work through mountain biking, sailing and hiking, and enjoy a wide range of musical styles, motorbiking and red wines from all over the world.

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