Alexander Pig

Senior Consultant, Trainer
Cooperation Partner

ComTeam Organisationsentwicklung GmbH, Austria

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About me

As a passionate team player, business relationship management is the core theme of my current business management consultancy and sales training offering. I regard conceptual design work and the pragmatic implementation of customer-centric business model solutions as my core skills in consulting. To ensure that the solutions developed jointly can actually be put into practice in organisations, my motto is "get the parties affected involved". This holds particularly true for me during training, so that we can get people enthusiastic about these solutions and ensure that they incorporate them into their daily work.

I consider my core competency in training to be the application of sales methodology based on NUTBASER, which is closely connected to the logic of customer centricity. I acquired the basic specialist expertise required for this following my business administration degree at the University of Innsbruck, initially working as a project assistant at the Institute for Strategic Management and Management Control.

My experience comes from over fifteen years of working in an international company in a variety of roles in areas such as sales controlling, key account management and customer relationship management.

I generally prefer working with colleagues across different disciplines so that we can tackle even the most complex of issues facing clients.

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