Beyond Mindfulness. Understanding how our Magnificent Minds work

Getting to know the way the mind really works makes a huge difference. It leads to enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in business and avoids a great deal of unnecessary stress and personal unhappiness.

There is wisdom and logic built-in to the way the human mind works.

When people get in touch with this wisdom and logic, they uncover the mind’s infinite possibility for insight and innovation. They begin to naturally get the best out of themselves, their colleagues and their clients without excessive effort.


Who is this training for?

Our Magnificent Minds programmes are designed for leaders and employees who, amongst other benefits, would like to find themselves …

  • connecting with and listening to clients and colleagues far more effectively
  • better equipped at helping others find their bearings when they are out of balance
  • more readily accessing insights to address difficult situations
  • being more creative and innovative in solving complex problems
  • at ease far more often regardless of how challenging their circumstances
  • being more confident and resilient
  • having more energy

How can I find out more?

These sessions consist of 90 minutes via Zoom and are for those interested in getting a taste of the training. Having attended one of these sessions, you can decide if you would like to take part in a group programme or a one to one coaching programme.
For dates see below.

These consist of the following:

Pre-workshop orientation call: Around 2 weeks prior to the workshop each participant receives an orientation call from the trainer which will include an exploration of specific things the participant would like to get out of the programme.

Face to face workshop: 3 days of plenary, small group and paired discussions and activities to …

  • identify the innate qualities of human beings
  • dispel the myths and misunderstandings hindering access to such innate qualities
  • explore the fundamental mechanics of the mind and its creative capacity
  • explore the nature of wisdom, thought and consciousness
  • obtain a fresh perspective on who we really are and the natural resources available to us

The learning is very distinct from mindfulness and other tools & techniques-based training. There will be no practices or exercises participants will need to do after the workshop.
For dates see below. 


About 4 weeks after workshop each participant receives a call from the trainer to review what has been learned and further deepen their understanding and connection to their innate qualities.

Coaching programmes | One to one

These consist of a series of 90 minute one to one coaching sessions delivered via video call. The number of sessions depends on your personal preferences.

We recommend a minimum of six sessions to achieve a transformation typically reported by those participating in the group programmes.


More information


INTRODUCTIONARY SESSIONS – get a taste of the training | Free of charge | 90 Minutes via Zoom

Dates (two choices, same content):
24 November, 5-6:30 pm 
02 December, 5-6:30 pm 

> Please register by email:
The places for the introductory sessions will be limited, so please apply early.



17 February 2021, 2 pm until 20 February 2021, 1 pm
The group programme will take place at ComTeamHotel, Gmund/Tegernsee.
> Please book your place here.

Covid-19: We are cautiously observing the Corona situation. Currently we are planning with facilitating the workshop in presence, as scheduled.

> Please get in touch with our coaches.


The introductionary sessions and the face to face workshop are delivered in English, but there will be a German speaking trainer in attendance. The one to one coachings are typically delivered in English, but can also be delivered in German if there is a strong preference.


Insights gained during the programmes tend to stay with participants forever. For those interested in gaining even more insights after the programme, they will be guided through an abundant array of books, audios, articles etc.


Introductionary sessions: free of charge 
Group programmes: EUR 1900 (special introductionary offer)
One to one programmes: EUR 2700 for six 90 minute sessions

The group programme will take place at ComTeamHotel, Gmund/Tegernsee. With your booking we will automatically reserve a single room including food and drinks at the price of EUR 209/day incl. VAT (5 % reduction compared to the regular hotel price).

Dates | Face-to-face workshop

17.02.2021 - 20.02.2021 Reservieren/Buchen
Start 17. Feb 2021, 14:00 Uhr Ort Kurstraße 2–8, 83703 Gmund, ComTeamHotel Ende 20. Feb 2021, 13:00 Uhr TrainerInnen David Bennett, Kerstin Kromer Dauer 3 days Preis EUR 1900 + Vat. (special introductionary offer) + hotel: EUR 209 per day, incl. Vat.

What if I have more questions?

Please contact David or Kerstin for any questions you may have about our Magnificent Minds programmes.

David Bennett
Phone: +44 7740 064 058

Kerstin Kromer
Phone: +49 162 279 7316

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